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Come one, come all, old and young at heart, to the Ashville Days Community Celebration on Saturday July 19, 2014 in Ashville, NY !

We have planned community wide yard sales, a grand parade, food and fun events for everyone, with the fireworks provided by the LLAMA Club to top it all off!

There is a change this year that we want everyone to be aware of: Due to many requests from past vendors, the vendor booths, restrooms and trash containers will be located on the Fire Departments baseball field on Cedar Ave!! We are planning to have more vendors for you to enjoy, demonstrations by area organizations, as well as room to play the new games that have been added to the days’ festivities! This is going to be a fun day for all to enjoy!

We are planning some things that are going to include all members of the community, so please read the current list of planned events and let us know what you would like to participate in! Please be mindful that this list of fun games will grow as the time gets closer, so keep watching for updates!

  • MOMS AND POPS VS THE KIDS KICKBALL GAME! Three innings of fun and laughter! We do need you to contact us to sign up so we can make sure the teams are somewhat even! Kids ages two to twelve. Moms, pops, grandparents, foster parents, aunts and uncles welcome to participate!
  • PIE EATING Contest! This is for people ages 18 years and over only! There will be 8 contestants! First eight to sign up are in! Miss Judy is making the pies!
  • A HOMEMADE SAILBOAT racing contest! We would like children, ages two to twelve, to design their own sailboats ( no motorized boats allowed ) and then we will race them on Goose Creek! There will be two prizes awarded in this race – one for winning and one for the best design!
  • There will be a TEA TIME HAT contest! This event is for children ages two to twelve! The children need to design and show/wear a hat that they would wear to a formal Tea Party! Feathers, flowers, colorful tulle, big brims! Spend some time on it! Make it the best looking hat and you will win a prize!
  • There is also going to be a TEE SHIRT DESIGN contest for ages eight through fourteen! Here is how you are to design your tee shirt: Get a white tee shirt, crayons, waxed paper and an iron – MAKE SURE YOUR PARENTS HELP YOU! Draw and color your design on your tee shirt. Place a sheet of wax paper over the design then iron it with a warm iron ( this makes the design stick to the shirt and makes it a bit glossy). Please only use crayons! No markers or paints – just crayons ! You may use beads/crystals to liven it up a bit, if you wish! You must wear your tee shirt when the judging takes place! No profanity, nudity or gory pictures are allowed – keep this fun for everyone, please! Yeppers, a prize will be awarded!
  • We are also going to have a CUTE AS A BUG contest! This contest is open to ages five through ten. The child is to design a bug costume and wear it when being judged! These are to be colorful and spirited bugs! Grasshoppers, ladybugs, crickets, worms, you get the idea . . . BUGS !!!!!! COLORFUL BUGS !!!!
  • We are looking for some children who would like to be in a band for the parade . . . . let us know if you are interested! No talent required !
  • This year the Town of North Harmony Ashville Volunteer Fire Department is celebrating its 100th year of service!!!!! Can you believe it! 100 years ago, this small town banded together and developed a volunteer fire department and it is still going strong today! This is something to be proud of – it is an accomplishment and an honor to know that we have consistently had men and women who were willing to work together to benefit their neighbors when disaster struck. Many people do not know the sacrifices these men and women make every day to ensure your safety - - - so please come out and thank them all for what they do.

So, on this line of thinking, we would like to INVITE YOU TO MAKE A FLOAT TO BE IN THE PARADE! The theme of the parade is “100 Years Ago” . . . . make your float into something that shows what Ashville, or the community, may have looked like, or done, 100 years ago! There was a railroad – who wants to make a float designed like a train engine? There were huge boats and barges on the lake – who wants to make their float look like a barge or fancy boat?? There were several different and prosperous businesses in Ashville – who wants to make a float that replicates one of those businesses? Who wants to wear clothing that resembles what would have been worn 100 years ago? Who wants to have a team of horses and buggy that resembles what would have been ridden 100 years ago? This is going to be so fun! We would like to see a lot of floats in the parade to help the fire department celebrate this milestone, so please contact us with your name and let us know what your float will be representing! There will be a prize for the best float!

JUST A NOTE - please MARK YOUR CALENDAR FOR AUGUST 16TH, 2014 . . . this is the date for the grand 100 Year Celebration at the Town of North Harmony Ashville Fire Department! The festivities will be held at the fire department in Stow! The celebration will begin at 11 am and end at 4 pm! There are going to be food booths, a dedication for the new heli-pad, a visit from Senator Young and a free bbq chicken dinner (when its gone, its gone! )!

The following are your contacts for any event you may want to participate in:

Martha Gleason 763 9252

Judy Wroda 789 9849

Marsha Vergith 782 2831

Vendors: If you would like to have a booth to sell your wares, please use the above contact names / numbers. The booths will be set up on the baseball field area and they will be 20’ for $20. You will need to provide your own tables, chairs, tents. If you are a food vendor, please also provide a trash receptacle. We are trying to have little or no duplication in what is being sold so that each vendor will have their own unique niche in the festivities! All booths need to be reserved and paid for by July 11, 2014 so that we can have ample time to mark off all booth areas. Please contact us for more information and to get a contract! Vendors will be allowed to park one vehicle behind their booth area to help you in loading and unloading. You will be able to set your booth up the evening before, but you are responsible for that booth if you choose to set up early!

Thank you for supporting your community celebration! We hope to have a lot of fun things for everyone! If you would like to volunteer your time or talents, please let us know - we will be happy to have you aboard! Have a great spring and see you all soon! Miss Judy, Martha and Marsha

Town of North Harmony

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